Not another boring conference...
 Not when you hire Lynn to kick off your event!

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Lynn (L.B.) McDonald is a Humorist Keynote Speaker, Comedian and Author. She is known for delivering high-energy, interactive Keynotes that leave the audience a buzz for weeks!  


No way, not when you hire Lynn (L.B.) McDonald to kick off your event with a laugh. Guaranteed your audience will be a Buzz!

Lynn is an Humorist Keynote Speaker, comedian and author. She is known for delivering High-energy, interactive Keynotes.


She has been captivating audience f

or 25 years with her down home, true stories presented in a light-hearted, humorous and common sense approach. 

She instantly connects with audiences and is a master at providing an engaging and interactive experience for people of all ages and interests.


Lynn's goal is as simple as 1-2-3-


  1. Captivate your audience
  2. Dovetail your message into her entertaining keynote
  3. Deliver an incredible memorable experience to all


You can relax knowing that your next event will be a resounding success. Let Lynn take the stress and worry out of delivering a fabulous kick off to your event or closing it on a high note!


If you want  to kick off your conference with a laugh, motivate your staff or end your event with a standing ovation, hire Lynn McDonald today  941-302-0054

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