About Lynn McDonald...

 Lynn is a  humorist  Keynote speaker, comedian and author. She's a 5-foot 3-inch dynamo, who was born and raised in the smallest state in the union - Rhode Island. Where she claims to have developed her sense of humor and writing style from being raised in a blue collar, Italian family which she compares to, "Living with the Beverly Hillbillies minus the truck and the oil." She’s also the only family member to have ventured outside one zip code in three generations!

Lynn produced the international training film, “Hoofs Up Doc! Prescription for Change,” which was released in the U.S. and China. In addition, she is the author of “LADIES...If Your Horse Is Dead, DISMOUNT!" and "How to Use Your Shopping Skills to Get A Man."


Lynn is also a frequent TV and radio guest and served as hostess of several infomercials for Comcast.


This is one smart and savvy entrepreneur. She opened the first Ben & Jerry's ice cream store in Sarasota, Florida and turned it into the number 5 store in sales in 10 countries in just one year! She sold it for a hefty profit in two years.


Lynn is no stranger to awards and accolades. She was named the Number 1 in volume as a REALTOR in the COLDWELL BANKER Sarasota office. Her last sale was 6.1million! It’s no wonder today; she is sought after by real estate agents, brokers  and banks to train and motivate their staff and sales team.


Today she continues to deliver common sense with humor as a guest columnist, Keynote speaker and business consultant.


Her corporate experience includes:

Regional training and development director - J.C. Penney Co.,

National director of education- Matrix Essentials.

Training and development director- Bristol Myers Squibb 

1643 Hillview Street
Sarasota , FL , 34239
Phone: 941-302-0054